IT Touch is over 70 specialists,
cooperating with each other for years
unique partnership experience,
both in relationship with each other and with clients
We provide full IT support for every business. We realize
projects for leading telecommunications companies, the media and the sector
banking and insurance
Whowe are
We specialize in
system design
information and theirs
implementation and administration
Expert knowledge and acquired experience
they allow us to offer sewn-in solutions
custom-made in areas such as: CRM,
WEB, EAI, Middleware.
from 2011 r.
we conquer the market
1 000 000
users of our solutions
completed projects
from 2011 r.
we conquer the market
completed projects
>1 000 000
users of our solutions
70 +
He is a person who keeps his hand
on the pulse of everything we do
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The people who perform this role are qualified and experienced, ready to respond to the challenges resulting from the size and complexity of our implementations.

Depending on the project they manage, they use a variety of techniques, both traditional, such as Prince2, and agile, such as Scrum. Their everyday tools include such tools as MS Project, Jira or Greenhopper.

Thanks to them you can be sure that your project will be delivered according to the schedule. You can count on them.
It's someone without whom it would not be
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Developers are the foundation of our company. It is a team of over a dozen professionals with many years of experience in the areas:

- portal solutions - using the Java EE platform, Spring technology, Struts, JSF, EJB, GWT, Vaadin, jQuery, Hibernate, JPA, Oracle databases, MySql, postgreSQL and frameworks such as Liferay;
- integration solutions - using products from the IBM WebSphere family (MessageBroker, MQ), IBM Sterling (Order Management) and Red Hat (JBoss Fuse).

There is something for them that can not be done. They will face any challenge and although you can not see them, thanks to their knowledge and experience your business goal will be achieved and the system will be safe, efficient and effective.
IT Touch
He is a man from whom
history begins.
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The analysts department is responsible for making a business and system analysis, which involves learning about the client's system and defining processes that will be subject to further actions.

They are specialists in the field of design and prototyping of information systems. When planning your system's work, they use BPMN notation, UML language and modeling tools such as Enterprise Architect.

Thanks to their experience, your system will be well thought out from the beginning to the end, and we will avoid chaos in its implementation.
He is a person whose eye he spotted
all incompatibilities.
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The team of our testers is characterized by reliability and inquisitiveness. Their task is to take care of the details, which they implement using such tools as Jira, Redmine, Track or Selenium.

Thanks to involvement in dozens of projects, they gained experience in every element of the testing process - starting from the analysis of system functionality, through the preparation of test scenarios, to the implementation and management of the testing process.

They will ensure that your project is delivered without defects and its operation will be constantly monitored.
with us no
You have to
nothing to
worry about
We support on various
We advise
in the choice of technology
We organize
operation of the IT department
We analyze
the risk and the viability of the investment
We doing
many other related activities
with IT