How we work

Each order is implemented in several stages
that occur with accordance to the previously established schedule.
Depending on the task and client's needs, this process
proceeds in a slightly different way.
Below we present its basic elements.

The analysis is the beginning of everything. Its aim is to recognize the current state of affairs, collect requirements and develop recommendations in response to posed problems.

Our experience in IT projects allows us to quickly and accurately identify customer needs. Together, we refine the action plan so that it can receive a fully adapted product or service.


At this stage, the entire solution concept is created. Based on the analysis, we develop a prototype, which in our opinion best meets the previously defined requirements and needs.

Here, for the first time, the preliminary version of the solution is accessible for the client. This is a good time to verify the initial plan, finalize the details and add functionality.


A well-prepared plan results in efficient and effective completion – the project is implemented in accordance with all expectations and fixed dates.

At this stage still there is a possibility to introduce changes into the project. This is why we are in close touch with the client and we jointly try to produce the best solutions for suggested ideas. The most important assumption is to create a new IT system that works effectively in practice.

Commissioning and

When a system is finished it is carefully verified by the team of our testers. Their professionalism and long experience guarantee that a client can receive the best quality product.

Finally, the key moment comes: the system is implemented and handed in to users. The result of our work undergoes final evaluation.

Maintenance and

However, a well-done project does not end when the system is started. Quick reactions to new expectations, development of technological standards and everyday service of the system are a kind of a test that the IT TOUCH team has passed positively many times.

We do not neglect the impact of the business environment and possible complications that may stem from operating in a real environment. Then we fight for the market successes of our clients even harder.

Our approach
We constantly verify the market in search of new, better solutions, thanks to which we can approach every project with a fresh look.
Our projects are based on cutting-edge technologies
Relying on our experience, we use only those technologies that guarantee the best execution of the order. However, when the task requires flexibility we are not afraid to go beyond our pattern.