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Our clients value us especially for our cooperative partnership,
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The IT Touch team demonstrated knowledge and experience, as well as an extraordinary approach to the specificity of the LOT trade, which enabled the successful implementation of the project.
Przemysław Caban
Przemysław Caban
IT Solutions Architect
I value IT Touch for a very effective completion of an essential project. Thanks to the highest professionalism and gained experience, IT Touch suggested and implemented solutions, which ultimately fulfilled our requirements.
Vladislav Yukha
Vladislav Yukha
Technical Project Manager, DIMOCO Messaging
We have been cooperating with IT Touch teams for over seven years. During this time, thanks to their extensive competence and professionalism, we jointly implemented many key projects for our company.
Adam Nocoń
Adam Nocoń
IT Manager, Netia
We have been cooperating with IT Touch for many years. They have extensive experience which makes them reliable and trustworthy.
Robert Fedorowicz
Robert Fedorowicz
IT Unit Deputy Director, TVN
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The team of IT Touch was responsible for implementing the procedures and the tools, which were necessary for the customer contact management -CRM.

Our tasks included not only its implementation, but also integration with existing systems, such as: central customer files, PNR database (information on passengers and flights) and a complaint system. We participated in all stages of the completion – the analysis, the design and the implementation.

Currently, we are performing the maintenance of the CRM system and we are introducing its integration with the programming environment SAS.

The major task of IT Touch Company was to improve business processes , including the preparation of a tool, which enables to create customer offers and which will inform the users and the clients about changes introduced to their offers in an automated way.

For this purpose the CRM system has been implemented. What is more, apart from the configuration required by the client, and the implementation of additional modules, the system has been extended in order to ensure the communication with existing billing systems.

Moreover, by means of appropriate responses to the needs of the clients, the implementation of the system enabled to extensively exploit their purchasing potential.

It Touch is responsible for the development, current modification, administration and finally adaptation to business needs of such systems as: CRM, EAI, WEB and SAP.

We provide works associated with programming, testing and analytical tasks both from the business and technical sides.

During the long-standing cooperation with Netia, we managed to implement numerous projects with a wide range of difficulty. Not only did we tackle with minor tasks involving simple error correction, but also we undertook challenging projects which introduced new tools, implemented high functionality or integrated many systems.

TVN has entrusted us with the implementation, development and maintenance of many key systems in such areas as: WEB, EAI or BI.
Solutions developed by IT Touch specialists are used both by the employees of the company, its business partners and end users.Among others, we have successfully implemented such projects as: the Electronic Circulation of Invoices and Orders, the Affiliate Portal, a system enabling the automation of the process in which the orders are issued and finally an integration bus, based on the Red Hat JBoss Fuse platform.

Our team consists of several dozen people conducting programming, test and analytical work, both from the business and technical side.