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Digital Transformation & Digital Native Projects Digital Transformation & Digital Native Projects
We implement from scratch (Digital Native) or migrate existing tools (Digital Transformation) to the environment of the latest technologies to create a competitive advantage for the company. We create business tools that precisely meet the needs of a given organization. There is no need to look for compromises between the functionality offered by ready-made systems or the optimization of expensive license models.
Enterprise integration Enterprise integration
Business process integration thanks to the use of ESB - Enterprise Service Bus. The data bus is a proven way to efficiently integrate multiple systems and data. Maintaining such a solution is less labor-intensive, and therefore much cheaper than in the case of a network of connections between systems.
Comprehensive Software Quality Assurance Comprehensive Software Quality Assurance
Testing is an integral part of every software development and lifecycle. The highest quality is ensured by a certified work methodology, trained specialists and the use of physical devices instead of emulators. For the most demanding customers, we use advanced automation tools.
Document management and Document workflow Document management and Document workflow
We implement comprehensive ECM document management systems, which additionally use the latest capabilities in the field of security and group work, seamlessly integrating with the existing data exchange solutions in the organization.
24/7 DevOps support 24/7 DevOps support
Global customers, millions of application users, microservices-based infrastructure, hundreds of thousands of lines of code. Second-level support for development teams with the expected quick feedback and solutions implemented as soon as possible. We invite you to discuss your requirements.
CRM for the most demanding customers CRM for the most demanding customers
SuiteCRM is an environment that allows you to meet the complex needs of large organizations. Our experience gained in the banking environment, with the operator of mobile payment services or the national air carrier allows us to either implement the platform or successfully create dedicated applications (automatic bidding tool, campaign manager) and integrate them with current tools (billing) and data sources.







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About us
We are software house with strong focus on JAVA, operating on such fields like: custom applications (Customer App, BPM, CRM, Worflow, ECM, BI), enterprise integration (IBM App Connect Enterprise, JBoss Fuse, MS BizTalk,..) and managed services (DevOps, Quality Assurance Testing). We are a proud institutional member of European Alliance for Innovation working on most awaited solutions.
How we work
We carry out the work in stages, according to the schedule. Depending on the task and the client's needs, the process is slightly different, but its basic elements are: analysis, design, implementation, maintenance and development. Check on what technologies we work.
Long term
is a key
IT Touch Banking is our trusted software development partner enabling to serve advanced services on a multinational level. We measure success by checking if all tasks are delivered on time. The quality of the software is also very important for us. Overall, our customers give great feedback on the software. IT Touch gained our trust, and they showed the ability to handle difficult projects, which was very important for us. Their flexibility and quality of work translate into further commitments and successes. As a result, we’ll continue working with them this year and in the future. They are always meeting and exceeding our requirements. They also deliver on time, leading the projects to successful completion.
Wiesław Wiktorowicz
Service Delivery Manager
We worked with IT touch to deliver a difficult project with complex requirements and business-critical deadlines. Their ability to take the initiative and solve problems was essential. Their flexibility and quality of work were top factors in this engagement’s success. We are now working with them again on another project, I highly recommend them.
Penta Technology
Philip H Smith
Strategy and Architecture Director
IT Touch is our trusted software development partner. They are flexible, responsive and have a passion for their work. We have worked on numerous successful projects together helping to launch the next generation of FinTechs.
Ian Peterson
We’re working directly with the DevOps team who have strong technical backgrounds and programming skills. The process is very effective and it takes a short amount of time to go from ideas to development. IT Touch works remotely with us, but what creates the value is that we can fully rely on the and working together is comfortable for us. We know that everything will be delivered on time.
Mark Zondler
The IT Touch team demonstrated knowledge and experience, as well as an extraordinary approach to the specificity of the LOT trade, which enabled the successful implementation of the project.
Przemysław Caban
IT Solutions Architect
I value IT Touch for a very effective completion of an essential project. Thanks to the highest professionalism and gained experience, IT Touch suggested and implemented solutions, which ultimately fulfilled our requirements.
Vladislav Yukha
Technical Project Manager, DIMOCO Messaging
We have been cooperating with IT Touch teams for over seven years. During this time, thanks to their extensive competence and professionalism, we jointly implemented many key projects for our company.
Adam Nocoń
IT Manager, Netia
We have been cooperating with IT Touch for many years. They have extensive experience which makes them reliable and trustworthy.
Robert Fedorowicz
IT Unit Deputy Director, TVN
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